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Jealous Girlfriend meme with wrestling Stallion

(the wrestling stuff)

Steven Fludder, PCW Owner

"Matt joined PCW as part of our broadcast commentary team and it fast became apparent of his hunger and desire to not only better himself but also PCW. Matt goes out of his way and seeks solutions to any problems in a diplomatic and professional manner and in the entertainment business it is a rare trait. One of the most important team members I have and I highly value his work ethics."

Greg Lambert, Writer and Broadcaster

"I have known Matt for 13 years in a professional capacity. Since 2012 I have worked alongside him as a commentator for PCW UK Live Wrestling live events and online/DVD presentations. He is an excellent communicator with a great work ethic, a supportive coach and mentor, and a supremely talented broadcaster."

Jamie Harvey, Director of Shield Pro Wrestling

"Stallion has been dedicated to not just elevating his own character but using his ability to elevate each production he has been a part of to the benefit of the Company including spending his free time discussing ways he can assist in building our product to the next level."


2022 will be PCW's 11th Anniversary which is a huge achievement, but what you may not have realised is that it will be Stallion's 10th year with the company!

I've had such a great time with so many memories, having worked with not only the top talent in the UK but from around the world including Ricky Steamboat, Terry Funk, Lionheart, The Dudley Boyz, James Drake, Zack Gibson, Rob Van Dam, Kris Travis, Big Van Vader, Chris Masters, The Honky Tonk Man, Joey Hayes, Danny Hope, Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Eric Bischoff and many, many more!

Stallion, wrestling commentator

The Buyout

What a powerful group in wrestling we were! Holding all the titles and then owning the company for a time, The Buyout were a formidable group. We held the Tag Team Championships and defended them on a "Freebird" rule, allowing any members of our stable to defend them, which makes me a former Tag Team Champion!

Stallion and Sheikh El Sham PCW wrestling

Alpha Omega Wrestling

2017 was a rather epic year for me, as I was involved in a streetfight in Morecambe against the champion King Grayson. I had been the Alpha Male (General Manager) there and lost my job after some physicality with Grayson. If I won this match (which was an epic main event fight of tremendous proportions), I not only got my job back, but I would have had one over on the champ. Alas, it was not to be but the fans (who bizarrely love me in Morecambe, no where else mind you, but absolutely in Morecambe) showed me a ton of support afterwards.

Stallion Wrestling Streetfight


I've been in physical action as well with PCW, such as the time Billy Gunn joined us in a tribute DX group, with Magnificent Matt Brooks as Triple-H, Keith Myatt as The Heartbreak Keith Shawn Myatt and myself as Road Stallion

Degeneration-X, Billy Gunn, Stallion wrestling

Commentary Championship

Stallion won the Commentary Championship in a tournament in Rio de Janeiro in 2017 and has defended it successfully ever since. He is currently the longest reigning, and greatest, Commentary Champion of all time.

Stallion Wrestling Commentary Champion

Wrestling Commentator

I have wrestled, managed, interviewed, hosted and even booked wrestling shows, but my favourite thing to do is sit behind the commentary desk and commentate. Whether I am sat with Mark Adams, James Paslapan, Tom McManus or even the legendary Greg Lambert there is no better use of my talents than having me under the headset, bringing the world analysis and the occasional funny line amaking that connection between wrestler and audience. My job is to make people care about the characters and ensure people want to see what happens. I bridge that gap between wrestlers being 2D athletes that "have a good match" to 3D characters that people want to see what happens to them and how their career progresses.

Stallion wrestling commentator

Videos and media

PCW Who Dares Wins Rumble

Stallion entered the PCW Who Dares Wins rumble for a shot at the PCW Heavyweight Championship and was doing rather well. That is until he told Lauren to go make him a sandwich...

Wrestling Commentary Showreel

A selection of my work as Stallion, including a few gems in the way of absolutely banging one liners. 

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