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The Kickstarter for Castle Productions latest project is now live!! Vortex is a big project for us but it can't happen without backer support.Any donations will be greatly appreciated plus there are some amazing incentives available too!

Vortex is the story of David Smith, a conspiracy theorist who is being hunted by villainous forces for something he hasn't yet done. Also hunting him is Dr Susan Kendrick who is a time traveller seeking the person she believes will aid her in saving the World in it's darkest hour. Along the way they meet Genie, a Witch who has lived for almost 2 hundred years. Together they will uncover secrets and face peril beyond their imagining.



Here are some links to folks and organisations I am thankful to.

Acting Academy

I learn my trade at the Acting Academy under the tutelage of Mark Pegg and Jake Tutt


Learning screen combat has been awesome thanks to Raph Aldis at Stagefight.


PCW gave me the supportive platform I needed to succeed as well as being a fantastic wrestling company.

The Customs House

Always dear to my heart, The Customs House has offered guidance, support and opportunities.

Shield Pro Wrestling

A local wrestling promotion based in South Shields, Shield Pro gives me an outlet to commentate and is great for their training school when I need to knock off some ring rust.


I couldn't look as good as I do without the artistic talents of Kevin Ho, Tony Knox and Clarence Gabriel.

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