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The Acting Stuff

Mark Pegg, actor and producer

"Very professional and eminently castable"

Terry Deary, Author of Horrible Histories

"I had an idea in my head for how Obnoctius should be played, but after seeing your interpretation of him I cannot see anyone else playing the character."

Ray Spencer MBE, Exec Director of The Customs House Theatre

"Your partner should have a peerage for putting up with you"

Videos and media

The Letter

A sneak peak at Matt's next top secret project! Derek (Matt Whitfield) is trying to come to terms with his wife Kay's (Sarah Dillon) potentially catastrophic news.


Here Matt plays Dan, the long suffering brother of Natasha who insists the siblings go Vegan for health reasons. And if it improves her TikTok viewers then, well, that's just a happy side effect.

Starring Natalie Read and Matt Whitfield, filming by Showreel Centre.


In this trailer Matt Whitfield plays Garry, a dodgy promoter in an underground streetfighting ring, using his psychotic street fighter pal Derek (played by Gaston Alexander) to make some money. Produced by Buff Promotions.

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